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Multilingual, Sponsorships, Stats/reporting, Data export

Multilingual support

Hula Events platform offers full multilingual support for your event website, allowing you to create translated versions of all your pages, email campaigns, registration forms, etc.

Developed with international business events in mind, Hula Events even lets your partners or sponsors take advantage of the multilingual support as we let you display different logo and URLs for each version.

Hula Events management interface is localised, and currently available in English, Portuguese and Norwegian.

Management of sponsors and partnerships

With Hula Events platform you can easily manage marketing of sponsors and partners across the website and email campaigns in a unified manner.

Hula Events lets you assign sponsors or partners to one or more events you are organising, ensuring that they will be featured consistently across your website pages, registration forms and email campaigns.

The following features are available for management of partners and sponsors:


Hula Events dashboard provides a unique overview of the performance of your event, allowing you to understand the impact of each campaign on the interest for the event, and also provides access to other metrics like fill rates, access to the site, etc.

Hula Events real-time reporting options are always being improved and are currently offering the following reporting modules:

Data export

You can export data about registrations and attendants for your event so you can print badges, analyse attendees profile, or insert them into your own CRM system. Among the data that can be export you will find:

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