All output from Hula Events to the web separated in to individually styled HTML blocks that we refer to as sections. By default all sections occupy 100% of the with of the browser window.

Hula Events are working with three types of sections:

Content Sections

This is a type of section that are intended to display dynamic content related to the content that are being rendered. Examples on content sections includes: Event program, Program content and Speaker list.

Systems Sections

This is a type of section that display dynamic content that is not necessarily related to the webpage that currently are being rendered. Examples included: Navigation section, Header logos and Footer.

HTML Sections

This is arbitrary HTML code provided by the customer and wrapped inside a section block. HTML sections are often used to display design elements or content that is not within the data model of Hula Events.

There is no limitation towards where and how HTML sections can be used but the HTML code provided must be valid HTML5. Our platform uses HTML Tidy to fix invalid HTML, detect potential web accessibility errors.