Content Types

Content Type is a logical grouping of content object with similar characteristics and taxonomy.

Hula Events are currently using the following content types:


This is one time event that is limited to a single venue and a single registration flow. An Event is required to have at least one related content object of the type Program.

Each Event objects must be related to exactly one Website per translation.


Program is short for Event Program Session and is used to define a single session within an Event. A Program is required to have a distinct start time and end time.

There are two types of Programs:

While the break only include Title and Summary, the session can also include speakers and additional Content about the session.

Each Program objects but be related to exactly one Event.


This is a simple Website Page with title, summary and content.

There are two types of Pages:

The only difference on these two page types is that "Frontpage" cannot be deleted and "Frontpage" is mandatory for Websites with more than one related Event.

Each Page objects but be related to exactly one Website.


Page is short for Website News and is Page with arbitrary content. Unlike the Page content type, News must include information about when the content was published and can optionally also include information about the author.

The main difference between Pages and News is that News can be chronologically organised.