Tom Brasil

2400m2 lounge with free area without columns in the audience. The theater of the Tom Brasil is divided into three sections, called, “audience”, “audience upper” and “mezzanine”. Cocktail with cocktail station:Up to 4,500 people; Dinner (round or rectangular tables): Up to 2,200 people; auditorium: Up to 2,400 people; Show: Up to 2,400 people; Dance Floor: Up to 4,500 people. Exclusive VIP Space 300m2 area and conservatory with the following formats: Cocktail Up to 250 people; Jantar (mesas redondas) Up to 150 people; Shows (square tables) Up to 160 people.

Venue Overview

Venue Type:
  • Public Venue
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R. Bragança Paulista, 1281

Vila Cruzeiro

04727-002 - São Paulo

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