São Paulo Corporate Towers

Two towers, each with a ground floor and 30 floors, with retail spaces on the ground floor. The North Tower has a helipad with a capacity of 18t and a Sky Lobby. Amenities building comprised of a convention center, restaurants and a cafeteria. Technical Building comprised of 5 floors, with the electrical power entry point, power generation plant, the central air conditioning unit and other equipment. Lobby with ceiling height of 12 m and 2,90 m free on a typical floor. The floors have a variable area of between 1.805 m² and 2.570 m² (BOMA). The total land area of the development is 38.000 m², of which 9.600 m² is permeable, making a total of 19.000 m² of green area.

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Av. Chedid Jafet, 75

Vila Olimpia

04551-010 - São Paulo

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