Linux Developer Confer. Brazil

Linuxdev-br is a conference born to be a meeting point for communities developing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects that constitute the Core of modern Linux systems, be it in smartphones, tablets, TVs, cars or in the Cloud. A space to connect developers, enthusiasts and companies and to foster both the development of the communities and the Brazilian FOSS market. The conference covers upstream development of projects such as the Linux Kernel, systemd, containers, wayland, Gstreamer, gcc, llvm, MESA, gdb, bootloaders, qemu, kvm, ChromeOS, tracing, security or any other low-level component in the Linux world. Our program prioritizes a diverse selection of subjects from all levels of difficulty, so that veteran collaborators can exchange experiences and strengthen the bonds with the community, and that new developers can also learn and benefit from the knowledge that is presented.


Event Name:

Linux Developer Conference Brazil

Start Date:

2 August 2019

End Date:

4 August 2019