Brazil ExpoMoving (BEM) 2020

The 1st Brazil ExpoMoving (BEM) has as its mission the commercial success through a careful approach of the needs of the manufacturers and the consumer market, generating superior results for our clients. With the proposal of stimulating the real perception of the performance and efficiency of the equipment in the visiting public, and the commitment to provoke a positive environmental and social impact, we count on the participation and investments of our clients for the realization of the 1st Brazil ExpoMoving (BEM), a unique event. We will have planned and scheduled demonstrations so that the public can observe the equipment in action and see up close the performance of operation, capacity, versatility and the technology shipped. The entrance of the public will be made by previous registration in our website, and in this way, we will request that when visiting us, the interested party will bring a donation (not mandatory) 1 kg of non-perishable food. At the end of the event we will present the collection balance and we will send it to various social institutions.


Event Name:

Brazil ExpoMoving (BEM) 2020

Start Date:

14 July 2020

End Date:

17 July 2020