BIG Festival 2019

The BIG Festival (Brazil's Independent Games Festival) has been held since 2012 and is considered the most important independent gaming festival in Latin America. With the mission to strengthen the game ecosystem in Brazil, the event covers competition between national and international games with cash prizes, exhibition of the selected games, awards ceremony, lectures and business rounds. In 2018, BIG had more than 36,000 visitors, more than 180 free lectures, and more than 3,000 business meetings. In addition, the sixth edition of the festival had the debut of several categories, such as BIG Brands, which seeks to foster the competition between on-demand games, Panorama Brasil, which captivated the public with 30 unique positions for the exhibition of brazillian games (including students), as well as the new Best Multiplayer category that awarded the best multi-player experiences.


Event Name:

BIG Festival 2019 - Brazil's Independent Games Festival

Start Date:

22 June 2019

End Date:

30 June 2019