ENDO 2020

WEO has joined forces with the Brazilian Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SOBED) to host the second edition of this international meeting. We are also very glad to announce that the Interamerican Society of Endoscopy (SIED) will also support ENDO 2020 as collaborating partner holding the 24th Pan American Congress of Digestive Endoscopy within the meeting. As a result of this joint effort and with the support of our international scientific partners around the world, ENDO 2020 will present a comprehensive and innovative scientific program. Lectures and debates will address relevant local and global topics related to gastroenterology, hepatology and oncology from the endoscopist’s point of view. An important highlight of ENDO 2020 is the live endoscopy demonstrations that will be held during three days of the congress from three different locations. A wide-ranging and interdisciplinary Learning Center for hands-on training will also be offered. ENDO 2020 will feature over 30 specialized symposia and expects to receive more than 5,000 participants from around the world.


Event Name:

ENDO 2020 - Scientific Secretariat World Endoscopy Organization

Start Date:

7 March 2020

End Date:

10 March 2020



Windsor Convention & Expo Center

Windsor Convention & Expo Center

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