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7 Best Hotels for Events in São Paulo


Gran Estanplaza Berrini

Gran Estanplaza Berrini

Now you can hold a delightful event in São Paulo. Discover the atmosphere of ‘urban resort’ for your event provided by the various enchanting activities and aggregate services of Eventos Encantadores Estanplaza solution.

Rua Arizona, 1517
04567-003 - São Paulo

Estanplaza Funchal-Faria Lima

Flexible room for up to 300 people on the 1st floor. On the ground floor, room for 100 people

Rua Funchal, 281
Vila Olímpia
04551-060 - São Paulo

Estanplaza Internacional

Rua Fernandes Moreira, 1293
Ch. Sto. Antônio
04716-003 - São Paulo

Estanplaza Nações Unidas

Rua Guararapes, 1889
Brooklin Novo
04561-004 - São Paulo

Estanplaza Berrini

Av. Eng. Luís Carlos Berrini, 853
Brooklin Novo
04571-010 - São Paulo

Estanplaza Ibirapuera

Avenida Jandira, 501
04080-001 - São Paulo

Estanplaza Paulista

Alameda Jaú, 497
Cerqueira César
01420-001 - São Paulo

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