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2 Best Coworking Spaces for Events in Curitiba


Outside the Rio-São Paulo areas, Curitiba is one of the most innovative cities in Brazil, and this characteristic is reflected in the number of startups and coworking spaces established in the city.

This trait is strengthened by the fact that the city is frequently used to perform validation tests of business and products, which expose Curitiba to a variety of products and business that can only be found there.

Coworking spaces are hubs of innovation, often not limited to workspaces, but also providing a very interesting atmosphere for events. There is a good array of coworking spaces scattered throughout Curitiba in different neighbourhoods, and many of them offer rooms for small sized events.

Casa Lia Co-working

Casa Lia Co-working

Rua Vieira dos Santos, 40
Centro Cívico
80540-310 - Curitiba

Espaço Marmo Empresarial

Espaço Marmo Empresarial

Rua Monsenhor Celso, 243 Conjuntos 7 e 9
80010-010 - Curitiba

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